How Staging Can Increase Your Sale Price (and sell your home faster)

Staging a home can seem daunting.

The truth is...

Most sellers carry a false idea that staging has to be perfect. It doesn’t. This lie causes too many homeowners from making very simple improvements that can translate into thousands of extra dollars.

I understand that you don’t have an infinite amount of time or budget.

That is why I created this short report for you.

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How Staging Increases Your Final Sale Price

In 2017, the National Association Realtors polled almost 2,000 real estate professionals. Their goal? Determine what the most effective staging tactics are, and how staging effects home sales.

Below is their findings on how staging increased the final price of a home.

  • 58% reported that staging had a positive impact on the final sold price
  • 33% said staging translated into a 1-5% increase of value
  • 21% saw staging increasing the value of a house by 6-10%
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    39% said staging greatly decreases the amount of time a property was on the market

In other words, staging has a high chance of making you money.

When compared to similar houses, staging boosts the value that sellers ultimately receive.

A full 21% of agents found a seller will receive between 6%-10% more than similar houses that were not as successfully staged. In total, 58% of agents believe that staging a house increases the final price of the house. Meanwhile, only 14% believe that staging has no impact on dollar value.

% Increase to Home Value

% Agents Who Agreed

No Impact on Dollar Value


1-5% Increase


6-10% Increase


11-15% Increase


16-20% Increase




How Staging Decreases Time on Market

Another major benefit to staging a house is reducing the time on market. 

  • 39% said staging greatly decreases the amount of time a property was on the market
  • 77% said staging helped buyers visualize the house as their future home 
  • 27% said staging allowed buyers to overlook property's defaults

The largest category of agents believe staging a house greatly decreases the amount of time a house stays on the market (39%), and the second biggest category (23%) believe that it has some positive effect in moving a house.

Effect on Time on Market

% Agents Who Agreed

Greatly Increases


Slightly Increases


Does Not Impact Time on Market


Slightly Decreases


Greatly Decreases




Rooms Ranked by Importance

Below is a chart showing how agents ranked the importance of staging each room.

Each agent was asked to rank how much impact a room had on buyers, and more importantly, what effect staging had on buyers.

The results revealed three rooms mattered more than any other: Living Room, Master, and Kitchen.


Very Important

Somewhat Important


Living Room




Master Bedroom








Yard/Outside Space




Dining Room








Children's Bedroom




Guest Bedroom




4 High Return Staging Tactics

1) ​Clear all clutter

You can clear up your house for free. Gather up all the things you don’t need and haul it to the nearest Goodwill, or host a neighborhood yard sale.

The best way to start is to just pick one end of the house. Clear everything, and move onto the next bedroom. 

Make sure to clear your front yard, backyard, garage, hallways, basement, and most importantly, all the major rooms in your house. 

Decluttering your house makes it comfortable, appear spacious, and feel ready.

Studies show that when a house is cluttered, buyers associate decay, poor value, and vermin or bugs with the property. 

2) Remove Evidence of Smoke, Pets, & Kids

Take special note of ashtrays, or anything else that betrays the presence of smoking indoors. Many buyers consider smokers to be less desirable, and lowers the amount of money they are willing to pay for a property.

Like smoke, the presence of pets can lower how much a potential buyer is willing to spend on a house.

On the day of the showing, send your dogs and cat away with a good friend or neighbor. Tuck away litter boxes, kennels, feeding trays, and any toys you might have. Lastly, take special notice of any potential aromas your pet might leave. 

Lastly, strollers, kiddy pools, and crayon masterpieces have the same impact as clutter on a house.

Aside from cleaning up any messes, you may need to do a quick coat of paint to boost the appearance of your walkways and rooms.

3. Create a Great First Impression

First impressions matter.

Invest 30 minutes to make sure the lawn is trimmed, and the porch is clear. If you’re reading this with the advantage of time on your hands, you can reseed the lawn and plant a few decorative bushes. 

  • Putting a clear coat of paint on your front door
  • Remove dead tree branches

4) ​Paint Rooms that Need it

If you have any walls that show a lot of wear, such as scratches, it is a good idea to paint it.

Look for existing holes in the wall that need to be plastered beforehand. The key here is to consider how a prospective buyer will view your house. Lighter walls, whites, and grays are popular in Omaha right now. 

You want your space to feel large, and you can retouch an entire room over an afternoon with friends and pizza.

Free Seller Resource: Complete price analysis for your home. Includes neighborhood history, competition analysis, and the optimal price range for your property. Learn more here.

Next Steps

Staging your home correctly will have a fantastic impact on both your home's sale price and the time it takes to get sold. 

I encourage every seller to consider the four primary factors in successful sales. You need to focus on:

  • Optimal Price: Determining the optimal price for their needs
  • check
    Market Conditions: Understanding current neighborhood dynamics influence everything else.
  • Condition of Home: This article focuses on preparing your kitchen, but you probably have other rooms, yards, and personal property.
  • Marketing Plan: The most important factor, a strong marketing plan is essential to maximizing profit.

I would love to sit down and share how I guide sellers through these four factors. Shoot me an email ([email protected]) or text (at 402.312.9447) when you're ready to take the next step. 

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